ELDER PATRIOT – My good friend former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo penned a warning to Donald Trump that appeared on Breitbart.com earlier today.  Tancredo asks, “Would the Republican establishment use impeachment to block Trump’s agenda?”

Tancredo points out that, while the President-elect ‘s transition teams at the EPA, State Department and Education Department are busy mapping ambitious changes in direction, Congress’s Republican leadership is busy doubling down on dissonance and disloyalty.

  • Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell announced this week he will oppose Trump’s tax reforms.
  • Senator Lindsey Graham is joining Democrats in sponsoring new legislation to protect the “Dreamers” from deportation after their unlawfully granted legal status and work permits expire.
  • Senator Susan Collins will oppose any restrictions on Muslim refugees, no matter how weak and inadequate the vetting to weed out jihadists.
  • Senator Lamar Alexander aims to protect major parts of Obamacare, despite five years of voluminous Republican promises to “repeal and replace” it if they ever had the power to do so.

And then, on the House side, we have the naysayer-in-chief, Speaker Paul Ryan, who refused to campaign with Donald Trump in Wisconsin, and who has vowed to obstruct Trump’s most important and most popular campaign promise — an end to open borders and vigorous immigration law enforcement.”

Tom and I agree that the establishment will do anything to derail Trump’s America First agenda that is in conflict with their globalist plans.  But, Tom and I disagree on how they’ll take neuter Trump.

The former congressman concludes his article, Donald Trump won a electoral mandate to change direction and put American interests first, beginning with border security. If the congressional Republican establishment chooses to block the implementation of that electoral mandate, it would destroy not only Trump’s agenda, it would destroy the Republican Party.”

And this is why I depart company with Tom on the methodology they’ll use to stop Trump.  The Washington establishment has spent tens of billions of dollars over the last century building a Left-Right paradigm that has allowed them to divide the electorate in advancement of their anti-American agenda.  They will not throw that away by impeaching an increasingly popular president that Tom correctly notes would result in a Republican revolt of the rank and file and destroy the party.

Tom echoes a warning that I wrote to Trump even before he did that, “Several months ago I was asked what advice I would give to the Trump campaign.

I said, only half joking, that he had better pick a vice presidential candidate the establishment hates more than it hates him.”

Trump failed to heed that warning and the acceptability of Mike Pence to the elites presents a very real possibility of a Trump assassination.

Tom, I wish I could agree with you that they’d settle for impeachment and the destruction of the Republican Party.  Then, at least the people would be moved to make some changes to the elected elites who have taken them for granted for so long.  But Washington Republicans won’t opt for their own destruction. 

No, they will choose to have their cake and to eat it too just as they did with a previous president who threatened the establishment plan for a global government, John Kennedy.

It would be naïve to think that assassination isn’t the option they are now weighing.  If you think a single life matters to these people you couldn’t be more wrong.  Ask yourself how many police officers have been sacrificed so that Black Lives Matter is given a wide berth with which to divide us?  Or, ask the elites how they sleep at night after having spent us trillions of dollars into debt funding the deployment of our young men and women to their deaths and dismemberment over the past thirteen years in a war that long ago lost it’s justification if it ever had one and that they have no intention of winning?

Republican leadership has already remained silent while literally thousands of calls for Trump’s assassination have come from the unhappy Hillary supporters.  If it’s not to create a plausible explanation to cover for a CIA “hit” then why the silence?  Remember, it’s only a conspiracy theory until it happens, right?

Trump knows this.  This is why those in the know recognize that he has more courage in one pinky than all the smug politicos in Washington combined.  America chose the right man to drain the swamp if only we can keep him alive.